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Attend IEEE InTech Forum to hear globally recognized industry leaders share critical technologies and research urgently developed in response to Covid-19.

Don’t miss this chance to hear breaking news directly from the top:

  • Dr. Noubar Afeyan, Moderna, will present “Moderna, Pandemic Vaccines, and the Path to Health Security”. Dr. Afeyan is chairman of Moderna and founder and CEO of Flagship Pioneering, where entrepreneurially minded scientists invent pioneering solutions to challenges facing human health and sustainability.
  • Kathy Winter, Intel Corporation leading programs that deliver comprehensive platforms for Advanced Driver Assist Systems and Autonomous Driving solutions, will discuss, “Big Bets and Building Blocks:Enriching lives through smart and autonomous solutions.”
  • Masaaki Mochimaru, AIST, with research interests related to measurement and modeling of human functions and their applications will present “Human Augmentation Technologies towards Competence Sharing through Augmented Telework.”
  • Claire Delaunay, NVIDIA, is responsible for the Isaac robotics initiative and leads a team to bring Isaac to market for roboticists and developers around the world, will present “A robotics perspective in the age of COVID-19.”
  • Prof. Simon Marvin, University of Sheffield and author of “Urban Operating Systems: Producing the Computational City”, that investigates how digital products, services, and ecosystems are reshaping the ways in which the city is imagined, known, and governed, will present “Biosecure Urbanism: Covid-19, New Technologies and the Future of Cities.”

An Important Forum for Business Leaders and Decision Makers in Engineering

Discover how computer science and engineering professionals responded to Covid-19 and walk away with actionable insights on how to prepare your organization for future social disruptions.


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear over 24 experts reveal:

  • What the tech industry leaders have learned in response to the pandemic
  • How tech companies are better prepared
  • How technology responses and predictive analytics have improved

Secure your seat now to:

  • Improve your Business Continuity Plan
  • Network with industry professionals and experts in their field
  • Discover how data has impacted the post-pandemic climate
  • Enhance the protection of your company’s personal information
  • Strengthen your scientific knowledge
  • Develop your awareness of crucial societal issues


Attend IEEE InTech – the tech industry’s most important gathering on the computing professional’s response and resilience to Covid-19.

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