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The Covid-19 events of 2020 changed the way we do business and created urgent demands for new research and innovation in technology. In response to the global pandemic, leading experts from around the world are presenting at the IEEE InTech Forum, delivering new ideas, solutions, and case studies stemming from this international crisis.

Taking place December 2-3, the InTech Forum will examine how the tech industry responded to Covid-19, diving into the rapid response to changing conditions and exploring how to prepare for the future and the new paradigms for conducting business during this volatile age.

The InTech Forum is bringing together key stakeholders to explore cutting-edge examples of technology development and collaboration. Key topics of discussion will include bioinformatics, predictive detection, social distancing, telework, human robot collaboration, and more.

Computer science professionals at all levels are interested in learning how the tech industry has stepped-up in response to Covid-19. These are conversations you don’t want to miss. Request Access Today!
Attend the IEEE InTech Forum to virtually access thought-leaders, high-value presentations, interact with like-minded professionals, and gain actionable insights to prepare yourself and your company for the future.

Program details:

  • Five invited keynotes, including a speaker from The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, Moderna, and NIVIDIA
  • 24 invited talks from a worldwide group of disruptive innovators and influencers

For a preview of the exciting content in store, view the NIVIDIA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_ulHMfDUco

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