The 2021 IEEE 22nd International Conference on High-Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR 2021) will be held in Paris, France, from June 7 to 9. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society.

Scope and Topics of the Conference are as follows:

•        Switching support to extended reality (including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality)
•        Routing and resource allocation for Tactile Internet
•        High-speed packet processors
•        Address lookup algorithms, packet classification, scheduling, and dropping
•        Efficient data structures for networking applications
•        Switching, bridging, and routing protocols whether wide-area or data centers
•        Optical switching and routing
•        Multiprocessor networks
•        Network management
•        Traffic characterization and engineering
•        Power-aware switching, bridging, and routing protocols
•        Nano-communication networks
•        ICT enabling technologies for e-health systems
•        Future technologies for IoT
•        Application of data science and analysis on high-performance networks
•        Applications of GPU on network functions
•        Application of data analytics to switching and routing
•        Machine learning-based routing and resource-allocation algorithms
•        Traffic monitoring and modeling applied to switching and routing
•        Traffic predictions in routing and resource assignment
•        Switching architectures for 5G applications
•        High performance, programmable networks for the Internet of things
•        Dynamic bandwidth access and management for smart factory/Industry 4.0 applications
•        Network performance for Human-Agent-Robot Teamwork (HART)
•        Multi-access/Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
•        Blockchain technologies
•        Decentralized applications (DApps)
•        Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
•        Software-defined networking (SDN)/Software-defined radio (SDR)
•        Network and switch slicing
•        Computation offloading
•        Architectures of high-performance switches and routers, with a focus towards reconfigurable pipelines (P4, Openflow, etc.)
•        Autonomous Resource allocation
•        Network security.
•        Next-generation networks and Internet
•        Cloud and data center security
•        Intrusion detection with AI
•        Virtual Private WANs
•        Securing in SDN and networking slicing
•        Support for the security of social networks
•        Virtualized network functions (e.g., firewalls, intrusion detection systems, load balancers, etc.) built or managed using software-defined networks

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Important Dates
Paper submission due:  Feb 21st, 2021 (Extended)
Acceptance notifications: March 30, 2021
Author registration deadline: April 15, 2021
Final version submission deadline: April 30, 2021
Technical sessions dates: June 07-09, 2021