The IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing (TCCLD) has transitioned from an initiative under IIEEE Future Directions to be operational under the Computer Society (CS), keeping the IEEE participating societies involved. The community provides a forum for members to broaden professional contacts, facilitates information exchange, and stimulates the growth of research, education and industry in cloud computing. TCCLD promotes and sponsors upcoming and prominent conferences as well as competitions, and contributes to outreach to researchers in different regions through our technical committee. Issues related to the design and implementation of cloud systems and solutions are of interest, as are cloud solutions in a broader sense. Technical areas include, but are not limited to, cloud computing infrastructure; cloud systems; interoperability with fog/edge systems, services and applications; cloud security; cloud standards; big data on clouds; mobile cloud; cloud communications; cloud applications; business and management; IoT on clouds; and sustainable clouds. The activities include blogs, podcasts, and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Flipboard. Publications such as IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC) and IEEE Cloud Magazine are part of the community, as spin-offs under the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative.

The IEEE Cloud Computing Community is led by the IEEE Computer Society to

  • Promote cloud computing
  • Act as a leader in the dissemination and education of information in the field of cloud computing
  • Lead and coordinate activities
  • Continue the work as originally led by the IEEE Cloud Computing Community

We are an organization of thriving volunteers (called “cloudsters”) who are rewarded by their activity but also in other ways such as with T-shirts, subscriptions, conference passes, and so on.

  • We nurture and mentor our volunteers.
  • We provide monthly conference-call meetings with volunteers where we listen to experts in the cloud computing field to speak (we record it as a podcast), discuss an article, or study cloud-related materials.

We encourage and grow inter-society collaboration by bringing in volunteers from across the IEEE. Our steering committee is made up of IEEE leaders.

We strive to be a self-sustaining organization by offering innovative ways to bring in income, such as

  • Providing virtual conferences, advertisements, and virtual job fairs
  • Promoting cloud research projects

We strive to provide a place where people in the cloud computing field go for information on cloud computing.

Previous chair Steve Diamond was interviewed by The Institute where he gave an informative overview of the IEEE Cloud Computing Community. Click here to read “Steve Diamond: Seeding the Cloud.”

Web Portal

A Web portal to all things related to IEEE cloud computing has been successfully launched. This resource includes news about the community’s progress, articles from the IEEE Xplore digital library, conferences sponsored by IEEE and other organizations, standards, educational materials, interviews from experts, and other relevant information.

The IEEE Cloud Computing Web Portal runs on most current Web browsers and operating systems. Please read the IEEE browser policy to ensure that you have the best experience when viewing content throughout the site.

IEEE Cloud Computing is also active across social media. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and (coming soon) Facebook for breaking news, real-time insights, and the most up-to-date information about advancements and issues impacting the cloud ecosystem.


Many IEEE conferences on cloud computing and big data have been scheduled in North American, Asian, European, and Latin American cities. One example is the highly successful IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets (CCEM) conference, sponsored by the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative. Many other IEEE conferences include a session or two covering the field. Visit the Conferences page for a list of upcoming conferences and events.

IEEE cloud congresses have been held, bringing together thought leaders, users, vendors, and interest groups. We have a vision to do a global cloud congress in the future.


To get members up to speed in the field, IEEE has many e-learning courses related to cloud computing. Given by experts, the courses provide professional development hours and continuing education units. Some courses will charge a nominal fee, while others will be free. Our community sometimes gets access to these materials where we review them as a group of cloudsters. Please see our Education page for more details.


IEEE has publications on the topic of cloud computing and big data. IEEE Cloud Computing magazine and IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing were launched in 2014 and 2015.

Our community has a close collaboration with these publications. We publish podcasts with authors and we serve on each others boards. Content from IEEE Cloud Computing magazine is regularly available on our portal. Our blogs and podcasts often discuss articles from the cloud magazine.