Recent Announcements

Letter from the TCDE Chair

Dear IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering (TCDE) members,

It is my pleasure to announce the organization of TCDE Executive Committee. I retained most of the previ- ous members for their valuable experience, but assigning different roles, while adding new members to initiate new activities. As a result, we have the following names and assigned roles:

Chair: Kyu-Young Whang, KAIST(
Advisor: Paul Larson, Microsoft
Executive Vice Chair: Masaru Kitsuregawa (ICDE Steering Committee Chair), Tokyo University
Vice Chair for Conferences/TCDE Representative to ICDE Steering Committee: Malu Castallanous, HP Labs
Editor-in-Chief of Data Engineering Bulletin: David Lomet, Microsoft
Secretary/Treasurer/Web Management: Thomas Risse, L3S Research Center (
Awards Program Coordinator: Amr El Abbadi, University of California Santa Babara
Membership Promotion: Xiaofang Zhou, The University of Queensland (
Member: (open assignment)

  • Erich Neuhold, University of Vienna
  • Alan Fekete, University of Sydney
  • Wookey Lee, Inha University

ACM SIGMOD Liaison: Christian Jensen, Aarhus University
Chair of Self Managing Database Systems Working Group: Shivnath Babu, Duke University
Co-Chair of Cloud Data Management Working Group: Hakan Hacigmus, NEC Lab America
Paul Larson and Erich Neuhold are previous TCDE chairs and have served TCDE for many years revitalizing its activities. Their valuable experience will be greatly appreciated for promoting TCDE and for serving its members. David Lomet, a previous TCDE chair, has been Chief Editor of Data Engineering Bulletin since 1992. It is his leadership that has been at the heart of the success of IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin and will continue to be so. Masaru Kitsuregawa, Steering Committee Chair of ICDE, our flagship conference, has contributed a lot to enhancing the quality of ICDE as the chair and member of the steering committee for many years, and will continue to serve in this capacity. Malu Castallanous has been a very active member of TCDE Executive Committee and will oversee the issues on holding and sponsoring TCDE related conferences. Thomas Risse has been successively managing the TCDE and ICDE meetings and TCDE Web for many years, and will continue to serve the TCDE in that capacity with added responsibility of TCDE Treasurer.

Amr El Abbadi is a new member and will oversee and create new programs regarding TCDE awards. Recog- nition is a very important aspect of academic advancement, and we will expand the award program to encourage our members to make bigger achievements and contributions. Xiaofang Zhou is a new member who will be responsible for TCDE membership promotion. We will make every effort to enlarge the TCDE community, encourage active participation, and provide benefits to our members. Xiaofang has been very active and success- ful in academic activities and is committed to this new role. Alan Fekete has been an active member of TCDE Executive Committee, and will remain to be so with possible new roles in coming years. Wookey Lee is a new member who is expected to help the TCDE operations with various roles to be needed in the future.

Christian Jensen, being ACM SIGMOD Vice Chair, has been serving the TCDE as SIGMOD Liaison, and will continue to serve in this capacity. Shivanath Babu is a new member representing Self Managing Database Systems Working Group that he is leading. Hakan Hacigmus is a new member representing Cloud Data Management Working Group that he is co-chairing. Working groups are an important part of TCDE activity, and we will encourage their creative activities and try to create more working groups to cover timely research areas that will be of interest to TCDE members.

We have a very strong team of competent Executive Committee Members who are committed to serve for the benefit of the TCDE community. I am very grateful to them for accepting my invitation to join the committee and their willingness to serve. We also invite all TCDE members to actively participate in TCDE activities, and we will be there to help you.

One of the first events that we are planning for the benefit of TCDE members is the new TCDE reception to be held in the evening of April 8th (Monday) at the coming ICDE in Brisbane.We invite all the TCDE members or members to be (those who are willing to sign up for the membership) to this reception. Xiaofang Zhou, the Exec member in charge of membership promotion, who is organizing this reception will give you more details on time and place etc.

Besides, there will be a TCDE sponsored student travel award granted at this ICDE. TCDE also sponsors two workshops at ICDE: Self Managing Database Systems (SMDB) and Data Management in the Cloud (DMC). We hope many of you will be able to attend these workshops.

Kyu-Young Whang