IEEE Proceedings

Publishing SC Workshops Proceedings with IEEE TCHPC

Accepted SC Workshops that meet the requirements listed below may request to publish their proceedings through IEEE TCHPC. Published proceedings will be included in the IEEE Xplore digital library.


To be considered workshops must:
  1. Solicitation for papers is open and the workshop has a formal peer review process.
  2. Papers are carefully reviewed by a qualified Program Committee.
  3. The workshops Program Committee is of an appropriate size for expected number of submissions (recommendation is about one PC member per 1-4 papers submitted).
  4. The proceedings has at least 6 papers, at a length of at least 6 pages (IEEE conference format).
  5. Workshops will provide an update once they have selected papers to confirm that the standards outlined above are met. This update must be received by September 30 at the latest.
  6. The workshop organizers will coordinate with IEEE to submit camera ready papers by the issued deadline.
  7. The workshop proceedings is produced in time to be published in the DL by October 15 (hard deadline).


Failure to meet standards will result is papers not appearing in DL, even is the proceedings publication request had been approved.


Requesting publishing of workshop proceedings: To request publishing of workshop proceedings through TCHPC, workshop organizers should submit a brief proposal using the online application form at by June 21 (hard deadline).


The proposal will be reviewed by a committee composed of representatives from the TCHPC Executive Committee and the SC Organizing Committee.


Selected workshops are expected to include the TCHPC and IEEE CS logo on their website and on all other distributed workshop material.


Selected workshops also agree to submit a brief summary of the workshop using the form at within 90 days of the workshop. This information will be used to evaluate any subsequent proceedings requests by the workshop.