Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies

The IEEE TCLT Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies is presented annually to a leading young researcher as an acknowledgement of the impact and significance of their research work in the area of Learning Technologies.

This year (2019), TCLT is happy to give the IEEE TCLT Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies to Dr. Ig Ibert Bittencourt, Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil.

Details of the IEEE TCLT Early Career Research Award nomination and selection process.



IEEE TCLT Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies​ Past Winners

Year Name Affiliation Country Current Position
2019 Ig Ibert Bittencourt Federal University of Alagoas Brazil Associate Professor (updated 11-June-2019)
2017 Kaushal Kumar Bhagat Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University China PostDoc (updated 05-April-2018)
2016 Lanqin Zheng School of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University China Assistant Professor (updated 20-June-2017)
2015 Sharon I-Han Hsiao School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University USA Assistant Professor (updated 20-June-2017)
2014 Ting-Wen Chang Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University China Director of International Cooperation Center (updated 20-June-2017)
2014 Olga C. Santos The National Distance Education University (UNED) Spain Postdoctoral researcher and R&D Technical Manager, Adaptive Dynamic online Educational systems based on User modeling Research Group (updated 20-June-2017)
2013 Rustam Shadiev Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University Taiwan Professor, School of Education Science
Nanjing Normal University, R.P. China (updated 20-June-2017)