Welcome to IEEE TCLT

The IEEE Technical Community on Learning Technology (TCLT) has been founded on the premise that emerging technology has the potential to dramatically improve learning. The purpose of this technical committee is to contribute to the field of Learning Technology and to serve the needs of professionals working in this field.

The IEEE Technical Community on Learning Technology (TCLT) has initiated a number of activities to promote research and development of Advanced Learning Technologies. These activities foster collaboration among academic and professional communities


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Bulletin of the Technical Community on Learning Technology

The Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology aims to report (1) the up-to-date outcome of the emerging learning technologies, (2) the review of learning technology related books, instruments or reports, (3) the collaboration opportunities of work-in-progress research ideas and projects, and (4) the announcements of the upcoming activities that the learning technology community may interest. It would also serve as a channel to keep everyone aware of Technical Committee’s activities.