Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology (ISSN: 2306-0212)
Volume 2122, Number 2, 1 (2022)
This work is under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 3.0 license. For more information, see Creative Commons License

Authors: Maiga Chang, Rita Kuo, Jun Chen Hsieh, Ahmed Tlili

The 22nd IEEE International Conference on Advance Learning Technologies (ICALT 2022) was successfully hosted in Bucharest, Romania in July, 2022. This is the first time ICALT organized in hybrid mode. There are 20 in-person and 99 online participants this year. In-person participants were excited to have face-to-face interactions with others once again after the COVID lockdown; online participants were also enjoying the online sessions include keynotes, panel, and presentations without the long-distance travel accompanying the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. The IEEE Technical Community on Learning Technology is looking forward to having more in-person participants in ICALT 2023 at Orem, Utah, United States on July 10 to 13 next year.

There are three articles published in this issue after the rigorous review process. One article is the letter from the 2013 IEEE TCLT Early Career Award Winner; the other two articles include one in Report from Developing Countries section and one in Even Info & Call for Event Host section. The first article is written by Rustam Shadiev, the winner of IEEE TCLT Early Career Award in 2013. He discussed his research field and how he got involved in it at an early age. He also provided suggestions to young researchers on how to get involved in research.

The second article in the Report from Developing Countries section is “Measuring faculty perceptions of EvalTools LMS: A case study of Islamic University of Madinah” written by Rafi Ahmad Khan and Arshad Ali. The article shows that higher education in Saudi Arabia is growing in recent years. As Learning Management System (LMS) becomes an important tool in the higher education system, this study investigates faculty perceptions of the usability toward the LMS. The results show that although some faculty have lower perception on the ease of use, most of them still believe it could improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance in higher education.

The last article “The 2nd International Workshop on Metaverse and Artificial Companions in Education and Society (MetaACES 2022Nov) (28 or 29 Nov 2022)” is in the Event Info & Call for Event Host section written by Siu-Cheung Kong and Yunsi Ma. The article introduces the 2nd International Workshop on Metaverse and Artificial Companions in Education and Society hosted in ICCE 2022. The 2nd MetaACES aims to explore how the metaverse can be applied in education and society. We encourage the community who are interested in the metaverse application in education to exchange research agendas and innovative ideas in the workshop.

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