Every year TCLT offers the Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies and the Student Travel Award program.

The IEEE TCLT Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies is presented annually to a leading young researcher as an acknowledgement of the impact and significance of their research work in the area of Learning Technologies.

The researchers that have received the Early Career Researcher Award since 2013 are:

IEEE TCLT Early Career Researcher Award in Learning Technologies​ Past Winners

Year Name Affiliation Country Current Position
2017 Kaushal Kumar Bhagat Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University China PostDoc Position, Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University, R.P. China (updated 05-April-2018)
2016 Lanqin Zheng School of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University China Assistant Professor, School of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, R.P. China (updated 20-June-2017)
2015 Sharon I-Han Hsiao School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University USA Assistant Professor, School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, USA (updated 20-June-2017)
2014 Ting-Wen Chang Beijing Normal University China Director of International Cooperation Center, Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University, R.P. China (updated 20-June-2017)
2014 Olga C. Santos The National Distance Education University (UNED) Spain Postdoctoral researcher and R&D Technical Manager, Adaptive Dynamic online Educational systems based oN User modeling Research Group, The National Distance Education University (UNED), Spain (updated 20-June-2017)
2013 Rustam Shadiev Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University Taiwan Professor, School of Education Science
Nanjing Normal University, R.P. China (updated 20-June-2017)

The Student Travel Award program is offered annually (subject to available funds) and aims to contribute partly to the travel expenses of a student to attend and present her/his research work in the TCLT’s flagship International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) and International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E).  The eligibility criteria, the selection process and the actual financial support compensation are announced every year to the students of accepted papers in ICALT and T4E.

The researchers that have received the Student Travel Award since 2014 are:

IEEE TCLT Student Travel Award Past Winners

Year Name Affiliation Country Title of the Research Paper Presented
2018 Qiao Chen University of Hong Kong China Discovering Student Behavior Patterns from Event Logs: Preliminary Results on A Novel Probabilistic Latent Variable Model
2018 Vincent Bettenfeld Le Mans Université France Lecture instrumentation based on synchronous speech transcription
2018 Yi-Chieh Wu National Chengchi University Taiwan Evaluation of Student’s 3D Modeling Capability Based on Model Completeness and Usage Pattern in K-12 Classrooms
2018 Sie Wai Chew National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan The Effect of Learning English Idioms using Scaffolding Strategy through Situated Learning Supported by Augmented Reality
2018 Mithun Haridas Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham India Spelling Errors by Normal and Poor Readers in a Bilingual Malayalam-English Dyslexia Screening Test
2018 Surekha Reddy Bandela National Institute of Technology Warangal India Emotion Recognition of Stressed Speech using Teager Energy and Linear Prediction Features
2018 Abhishek Tripathi National Institute of Technology Karnataka India A Reinforcement Learning and Recurrent Neural Network Based Dynamic User Modeling System
2018 Gregory Acacio Seibert Oliveira FACCAMP Brazil A Method for Teaching Object-Oriented Programming with Digital Modeling
2018 Akshay Nagarajan Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham India Design, Observe and Tinker: A Constructionist Approach to Introduce Maker Skills in Rural Schools
2018  Naim Terbeh LaTICE Laboratory Tunisia Detection of Voice Pathologies and Evaluation of Pronunciation Based on Prosodic Features: Case of Arabic Discourse
2017 Alexander Amigud Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Spain A Method for Thematic and Structural Visualization of Academic Content [FULL PAPER], 1st Year PhD Student, Supervisors: Prof Thanasis Daradoumis, Dr. Joan Arnedo-Moreno
2016 Prajish Prasad Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Mombai India Game based Learning of Blood Clotting Concepts [FULL PAPER], 1st Year PhD Student, Supervisor: Prof Sridhar Iyer
2016 Kavya Alse Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Mombai India Assessing Students’ Conceptual Knowledge of Computer Networks in Open Wonderland [FULL PAPER] 1st Year PhD Student, Supervisor: Prof Sridhar Iyer
2015 Rogério Augusto Bordini Universidade Federal de São Carlos Brazil Musikinésia – An Educational Adventure Game for Keyboard Learning [FULL PAPER], 2nd year MSc student, Supervisor: Prof. Marcia Rozenfeld Gomes de Oliveira
2015 Nour El Mawas Université du Maine France Making explicit the Moodle instructional design language [FULL PAPER]
2014 Gokhan Akcapinar Hacettepe University Turkey Investigating Students’ Interaction Profile in an Online Learning Environment with Clustering [SHORT PAPER], Final Year PhD Student, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arif Altun, Prof. Dr. Petek Aşkar
2014 Norazlina Ahmad Department of Mathematics, Science & Computer Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan Johor Malaysia Using Automatic Detection to Identify Students’ Learning Style in Online Learning Environment [FULL PAPER], PhD student, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zaidatun Binti Tasir