Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Volume 16, Issue 2/3, July/October 2014

“Previously called Learning Technology Newsletter (ISSN 1438-0625)”

ISSN: 2306-0212

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Editorial, 1
Sabine Graf and Charalampos Karagiannidis, Co-Editors

Regular Articles

Sensor Technology for Learning Support, 2-5
Marcus Specht

Presentation Trainer: a Study on Immediate Feedback for Developing Non-Verbal Public Speaking Skills, 6-9
Jan Schneider, Dirk Börner, Peter van Rosmalen and Markus Specht

Understanding e-Learners’ Satisfaction with Learning Management Systems, 10-13
Sean B. Eom

Open Educational Systems – The Challenge of Up-dating when republishing is allowed, 14-17
Martin Ebner and Sandra Schön

On Better Understanding the Usage of Mobile Phones for Learning Purposes, 18-20
Andreea Molnar