ICALT 2020 Women in Engineering Panel

Every year, IEEE TCLT has a Women in Engineering Panel held during ICALT. IEEE Women in Engineering is “one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.”[1] The main idea of the panel in ICALT is to discuss issues around this goal.

This year, ICALT 2020 Women in Engineering Panel is organized on July 7, 2020, from 13:00 to 13:50 (GMT, see https://time.is/GMT) and chaired by Irene-Angelica Chounta with four panelists (Abasi-amefon O. Affia, Rita Kuo, Michelle Pacifico-Banawan, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana) and discussant Elvira Popescu.

The panelists are going to touch the following three questions:

  1. What challenges have you perceived (if any) for women in engineering at any level and in particular for minority or marginalized groups, such as Women of Colour?
  2. What are the challenges that emergency situations – such as COVID19 – pose for women in engineering and what is their impact?
  3. What are potential solutions – from your experience – to address these challenges?

Elvira Popescu, the Vice Chair of WiE Romania Section in the end will give us a short overview of the situation in numbers regarding Europe and also to share her insights regarding how organisations like IEEE TCLT and IEEE can offer support to addressing these challenges.

[1] https://www.ieee.org/membership/women-in-engineering.html