ICALT 2021
Proceedings´Preface and Table of Content



You can download the ICALT 2021 Conference Proceedings’ Table of Content and Preface at the end of this page.


The International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT) is an annual conference
organized by IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology. It aims
to bring together people who are working on the design, development, use and evaluation of
technologies that will be the foundation of the next generation of e-learning systems and technologyenhanced learning environments. After its kick-off as IWALT in Palmerston North, New Zealand
(2000), ICALT has been held in Madison, USA (2001), Kazan, Russia (2002), Athens, Greece (2003),
Joensuu, Finland (2004), Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2005), Kerkade, The Netherlands (2006), Niigata, Japan
(2007), Santander, Spain (2008), Riga, Latvia (2009), Sousse, Tunisia (2010), Athens, Georgia, USA
(2011), Rome, Italy (2012), Beijing, China (2013), Athens, Greece (2014), Hualien, Taiwan (2015), Austin,
USA (2016), Timisoara, Romania (2017), Mumbai, India (2018), Maceió, Brazil (2019), and Tartu,
Estonia (2020, Online). The 21st IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
(ICALT 2021) is organized by IEEE TCLT and held virtually online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This year, the ICALT conference was structured around 14 tracks on various thematic topics,
including: Technologies for Open Learning and Education; Adaptive and Personalised TechnologyEnhanced Learning; Wireless, Mobile, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Technologies for Learning; Digital
Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning; Computer Supported Collaborative Learning; Big Data
in Education and Learning Analytics; Technology-Enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math Education; Technology Enhanced Language Learning; Technology Enabled Learning of
Thinking Skills; Technology Supported Education for People with Disabilities; Artificial Intelligence
and Smart Learning Environments; Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds in Education and
Training; Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology-enhanced Learning; and a Doctoral
ICALT 2021 received 207 papers from 43 countries. All submissions were peer-reviewed through a
double-blind review process by an international panel of at least three international expert referees
and decisions were taken based on research quality. We are very pleased to report that the quality of
the submissions this year turned out to be very high. A total of 14 papers were accepted as full papers
which is around 19.7% full paper acceptance rate. Furthermore, 87 papers were accepted for
presentation as short papers, 17 as discussion papers and 4 papers were selected for the Doctoral
We acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the track chairs and the track program committee
members. A complete list of track chairs and track PC members can be found in the next page. Most
reviewers provided detailed and constructive comments which were valuable for the authors to
continue improving their papers, even if their submissions were not selected for the conference.
Given the high quality works done by authors, reviewers and track chairs, we are confident that the
ICALT 2021 proceedings captures the current state of the art research in the learning technology field
and will have significant impact to the research community in the longer term.


You can download the ICALT 2021 Conference Proceedings’ Table of Content and Preface at HERE.