ICALT 2023, Utah, USA


Deadline: January 13th, 2023

Track is jointly organized by IEEE STC on Internet of Everything

IEEE TCLT and ICALT 2023 are proud to have IEEE Special Technical Community (STC) on Internet of Everything joinly organizing Track 15 on Internet of Everything (IoE) for Smart Education (IoESE).

IEEE Special Technical Community (STC) on Internet of Everything can be joined freely at HERE.

Track description and topics of interest

The emerging technologies of Internet of Everything (IoE) create novel means of education, bringing highly interactive and attractive learning/teaching experiences. IoE can enrich the smart education processes by providing pervasive sensing, communication and interaction between teachers and students. With everything being connected, teachers may expand the methods to transfer knowledge, while students may perform effective interchange and interaction. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic hits the offline education hard, forcing to move the classroom on the remote. Without face-to-face education, it is difficult to keep learners up with the paces. By deploying IoE devices and platforms, teachers can draw more attentions from listeners, and teach in more direct ways than before. Besides, IoE well supports the education intelligence since it offers a platform of smart hardware and software to be deployed and combined on the purpose of highly effective knowledge sharing. Moreover, the security and privacy requirements of smart education need also to be addressed by IoE technologies.

Therefore, this track focuses on solutions towards advanced, ubiquitous and highly interactive learning/teaching strategies by IoE technologies, discussions on the improvement of IoE techniques to meet the requirements of smart education, and the explorations for the future development in the area. Researchers and practitioners are highly welcomed to submit original research work.


  • Theoretical foundations for IoE based smart education
  • Survey on the state of the art of IoE based smart education
  • Challenges and solutions on smart education with IoE during pandemic
  • Emerging technologies on IoE for smart education
  • Courses design based on IoE
  • Design on system for ubiquitous online learning based on IoE
  • IoE for interactive learning
  • Learning and teaching with wearable devices in IoE
  • Performance evaluation of IoE based smart learning systems
  • Design on IoE based advanced classroom
  • Smart education with personalization and customization by IoE technology
  • Security and privacy issues for smart education based on IoE
  • Application and hardware for smart teaching with IoE
  • Design and implementation of smart educational system with IoE
  • Agile teaching strategy with IoE based hybrid classroom
  • Domain based learning aids by IoE
Program Committee Member

  • Lingyi HAN, China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center for Natural Resources, China
  • Zexu LI, China Telecom, China
  • Han MENG, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
  • Yue TAN, University of Technology Sydney, Australia