Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Volume 20, Issue 2, December 2020

ISSN 2306-0212

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Editorial, 1-2
Maiga Chang, Rita Kuo, Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, Jun Chen Hsieh, Danial Hooshyar, and Ahmed Tlili

Emerging Learning Technologies

A Performance-based Assessment Platform for Developing Computational Thinking Concepts and Practices: EasyCode, 3-10
Siu Cheung Kong and Bowen Liu

Development of a Digital Learning Game with Preliminary Screening for Congenital Color Vision Deficiency, 11-18
Kazuya Takemata, Kazuya Nunotani, Mitsuyoshi Maekawa, Akiyuki Minamide

Understanding Design Elements of Hindi Coding Application, 19-26
Siddharth Srivastava, Umesh Chandra Jaiswal, Shalini Lamba, and Prabhakar T.V.

The Go-Lab ecosystem: A practical solution for school teachers to create, organize and share digital lessons, 27-35
Leo A. Siiman, Meeli Rannastu-Avalos, Mario Mäeots, and Margus Pedaste

Book & Report Reviews

Handbook on Facilitating Flexible Learning During Educational Disruption: The Chinese Experience in Maintaining Undisrupted Learning in COVID-19 Outbreak, 36-38
Yihong Shi

Collaboration Opportunities

Issues in Designing Learning Frameworks for Visually Impaired Learners, 39-42
Siddharth Srivastava, Akash Verma, and T.V. Prabhakar

Event Info & Call for Event Host

Taiwan Pedagogy and Practice in Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Association and PPTELL 2021 (28-30 June 2021), 43
Yu-Ju Lan and Kao Chia-Ling Gupta

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