Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Volume 21, Issue 2, June 2021

ISSN 2306-0212

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Editorial, 1-2
Maiga Chang, Rita Kuo, Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, Jun Chen Hsieh, Danial Hooshyar, and Ahmed Tlili

Letter from the 2020 IEEE TCLT Early Career Award Winner, 3
Ahmed Tlili

Emerging Learning Technologies

Project OSCAR: Open-Source Animations Repository to Foster Self-Regulated Learning, 4-10
Meera Iyer, Roopali Sharma, Sameer Sahasrabudhe, Anchal Garg, and Ganesh Lokhande

BR∀CE: A Tool for Supporting the Teaching and Learning of Database Theoretical Query Languages through Composing Tiles, 11-19
Jalal Kawash and Levi Meston

Report from Developing Countries

Distance Higher Education Paradigm in Brazil, 20-26
Dario da Silva Monte Nero

Collaboration Opportunities

Operationalizing the Learner-Centric MOOC model using Communities of Practice, 27-31
Ambily Joseph, Ilavenil Karunakaran, and Sameer Sahasrabudhe

Book & Report Reviews

Using Digital Technologies in Museum Learning Activities to Enhance Learning Experience: A Systematic Review, 32-36
Shuang Chen, Anqi Duan, and Junyu Wang



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