Technical Committee on Learning Technology endorses a journal, which is jointly published by IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Education Society. Furthermore, Technical Committee on Learning Technology publishes a bulletin to keep its members informed of what is happening in learning technology field worldwide besides documenting the efforts being made in this direction by the Technical Committee on Learning Technology. These publications are:
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology (IEEE TLT)
(ISSN 1939-1382)
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Education Society
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT) is an archival journal published quarterly using a delayed open access publication model. TLT covers research on such topics as Innovative online learning systems, Intelligent tutors, Educational software applications and games, and Simulation systems for education and training. Read the full scope of TLT.
Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology
(ISSN 2306-0212)
Publisher: IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology
The Bulletin of the Technical Commite on Learning Technology aims at publishing and disseminating most current research, work-in-progress and/or outcome about innovative, new and emerging applications of learning technologies in different contexts of technology enhanced learning. The bulletin articles are limited in 4 pages and have to give readers clear idea and vision of the advanced learning technologies with rich and proper figures, screenshots, and diagrams.