The Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology (TCLT), has been included in Emerging Sources Citation Index (, aims at publishing and disseminating the following topics:

  • Emerging Learning Technologies: an article with up to 8 pages the research outcome of learning technologies, including systems, tools, apps, etc., no theoretical or concept only research would be accepted.
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI): an article with up to 4 pages to discuss the issues for minorities in STEM education and how the community deal with the matter.
  • Book & Report Reviews: an article with up to 4 pages.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: an article with up to 4 pages to talk about the research progress and stage outcome as well as the aspects and needs of looking for collaborations.
  • Report from Developing Countries: an article with up to 6 pages to describe the current research progress/difficulties/needs/limitations of the learning technology in the developing countries.
  • Event Info & Call for Event Host: 1 page.

The bulletin articles have to give readers clear idea and vision of the advanced learning technologies with rich and proper figures, screenshots, and diagrams.