December 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the December ’15 edition of the IEEE-TCMC (Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing) monthly mailing.
This month’s topics include:
CFP: MTAP SI on “Multimedia in Social Mobile Computing”
CFP: IEEE Trans. on Multimedia SI on Multimedia based Healthcare
IEEE Multimedia October’15 Issue ToC
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CFP: MTAP Special Issue on “Multimedia in Social Mobile Computing”
due: Feb. 12, 2016
The special issue on Multimedia in Social Mobile Computing (MSMC) aims at presenting and
discussing cross-disciplinary researches between multimedia technologies and social mobile
In the research community, increasing attention has been given to the growing and pervasive use of
mobile devices (e.g. Smartphone, PDA, GPS navigation and laptops) and wireless technology, and
mobile computing is experiencing a new phase of innovation.
Always more frequently multimedia data and content are spreading over the network of mobile
technologies. The volume of available multimedia data accessible from mobile devices increases
ever more over the years, and new challenges in data management, situation-awareness,
personalization, privacy, and security is emerging.
That variety of multimedia data recorded enables new applications across diverse research domains
comprising mobile media analysis, mobile social networks and mobile human-computer interaction.
Moreover, increasing attention has been paid to the usage of mobile technologies that allow users
interacting with collaborative multimedia systems using devices interconnected through an ad-hoc
network. This attention hails from the growing need of systems supporting coordination,
communication and shared production between and within groups.
In this direction, social networks and content-sharing sites are increasingly emerging as platforms
that facilitate the creation and sharing of multimedia content supporting also new types of
interaction. The growth of social multimedia systems stimulates researches on social computing that
investigate new issues and challenges in modelling, analyzing and effectively interacting with social
That is why the topic of social multimedia computing is attracting significant interest from
researchers in multimedia computing and social sciences, as well as web and mobile entrepreneurs,
software and mobile app vendors.
The special issue will invite high quality contributions addressing cross-disciplinary researches
between multimedia technologies and social mobile computing discussing technological
opportunities, challenges, solutions, and emerging theories and applications in mobile social
Topics of interest for the special issue include but are not limited to:
  Multimedia in mobile computing
  Mobile multimedia applications and services
  Multimedia user interfaces and interaction for mobile devices
  Personalization and situation awareness for mobile multimedia
  Security and privacy in mobile multimedia
  Mobile social networks and multimedia services
  Mobility, location-based social networks and media
  Multimedia in social computing theories, models and applications
  Multimedia-enabled social sharing of information
  Collaborative multimedia systems and applications
  Social multimedia analysis
  Theory and algorithms in social multimedia systems
Submission Guidelines
Papers submitted to this special issue for possible publication must be original and must not be
under consideration for publication in any other journal or conference. If the submission is an
extended version of a previously published workshop or conference paper, this should also be
explicitly mentioned in the cover letter, the published paper must be cited in the submitted journal
paper, and the submitted journal paper must technically extend the conference version, by 30%
according to general rules; i.e., the technical contribution in the journal ersion must be extended
beyond what was presented in the conference version.
Authors must follow the formatting and submission instructions of MTAP at:
and follow the “Submit Online” link on that page. Please make sure you select the SI title
“Multimedia in Social Mobile Computing (MSMC)” at the column of “Article Type” when you
submit on-line, and mention in your cover letter that you are submitting to this special issue.
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by at least three reviewers according to the usual
standards of this journal, and will be evaluated on the basis of originality, quality and relevance to
this Special Issue and the journal, and on the basis of clarity and correct usage of English.
Date information (paper submission, review period,
acceptance notification, publication)
 Full paper submission deadline: 26 February 2016
 First round acceptance notification: 31 May 2016
 Revision: 15 July 2016
 Final decision: 29 July 2016
 Publication of special issue: to be defined in accordance with the publisher
Guest Editors:
Fernando Ferri
Via Palestro 32
00185 Roma
Patrizia Grifoni
Via Palestro 32
00185 Roma
Arianna D’Ulizia
Via Palestro 32
00185 Roma
Maria Chiara Caschera
Via Palestro 32
00185 Roma
IEEE Trans. on Multimedia SI on Multimedia based Healthcare
Due: Jan. 15, 2016
Special Issue on Multimedia-based Healthcare
Computerized healthcare is emerging as a multidisciplinary area with fast
development which is accelerating rapidly by the increasing technological
capabilities and growing desire to enhance medical service and healthcare.
The advances in multimedia computing stimulate smart healthcare to a new
era by offering better insight of complex health related multimedia content
to support decision making for effective healthcare. However, it remains
a challenging task and is highly desired to develop new and powerful
multimedia computing methods to embrace diverse health information with a
general framework to facilitate data representation, storage, analysis and
integration for healthcare applications with consistency, objectiveness
scalability and cost-effectiveness.
This special issue aims to provide a central forum for researchers with
different background and from the diverse fields of engineering, computing,
medicine and health science to present the latest findings and the
state-of-art methodologies for the cross-area research on computerized
healthcare, which includes not only the fundamental issues on data analytics
in the rich context of health related multimedia data, but also the crucial
components such as health data representation, management, analysis,
classification, bioinformatics, machine learning, ubiquitous computing and
network technologies. The goal of this special issue is to foster the
state-of-art research findings, methodologies, technologies and services
on a general platform of multimedia computing for diverse cross area
healthcare applications with the insight into the current advances,
challenges and trends. Its coverage and impact is beyond the conventional
medical imaging by providing more comprehensive health related content on
the aspects of diversity, complexity and generalization.
The topics of interest of this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:
 * Computer-aided diagnosis and monitoring by multimedia biosignal integration
 * Context-aware e-health multimedia services and applications
 * Data mining and machine learning in multimedia computing for
 personalized healthcare
 * Distributed multimedia applications of body area
networks in healthcare
 * Intelligent e-health multimedia service computing in
mobile clouds
 * Multimedia aided dietary management for healthcare
 * Multimedia assisted online training for evidence-based
treatments and rehabilitation
 * Multimedia supported smart health care and
 monitoring with wearable sensors
 * Medical informatics and bioinformatics
 * Multimedia big data analytics for healthcare
 * Multimedia communication networks and environment for
healthcare information systems and telemedicine
 * Multimedia computing and computational healthcare informatics
 * Multimedia content indexing and retrieval for e-healthcare
 * Multimedia streaming and information security for
healthcare sensors/devices/systems
 * Multimodal medical signal processing: Data acquisition,
representation, fusion, classification
 * Other multimedia computing techniques, algorithms and
 innovative methods for healthcare information management
Please note that the topic of medical imaging papers suitable for IEEE Transactions on
Medical Imaging should not be included in this special issue.
Important Dates:
Manuscript submission deadline: January 15, 2016
First-round review notification: March, 15, 2016
Manuscript revision due: April 15, 2016
Final acceptance notification: May 15, 2016
Camera-ready manuscript due: June 1, 2016
Publication: September 2016
Submission Procedure:
Prospective authors should submit original manuscripts that have not appeared,
nor are under consideration, in any other journal.
Prospective authors are required to follow the Author’s Guide for manuscript
submission to the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM)
at, and manuscripts
should be submitted electronically through the online IEEE manuscript submission
system at By submitting/resubmitting
your manuscript to this transactions, you are acknowledging that you accept
the rules established for publication of manuscripts, including agreement to
pay all over-length page charges, color charges, and any other charges and
fees associated with publication of the manuscript. Manuscripts (both 1-column
and 2-column versions are required) should be submitted electronically through
the online IEEE manuscript submission system at
All the submitted papers will go through the same review process as that for the regular
TMM paper submissions. Referees will consider originality, significance, technical soundness,
clarity of exposition, and relevance to the special issue topics above.
Guest Editors
Jane You, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG,
Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon University, USA,
Vincenzo Piuri, University of Milan, Italy,
David Zhang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG,
IEEE Multimedia Magazine October’15 issue ToC
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Susanne Boll , Associate EIC, University of Oldenburg, Germany
pp. 2-3
Integrating Multimedia into Autism Intervention (Abstract)
Sen-ching Samson Cheung , University of Kentucky
pp. 4-10
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Mei-Ling Shyu , University of Miami
Shu-Ching Chen , Florida International University
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Optimizing the Perceptual Quality of Real-Time Multimedia Applications (Abstract)
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Benjamin W. Wah , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Bridging Music Using Sound-Effect Insertion (Abstract)
Yin-Tzu Lin , National Taiwan University
Chuan-Lung Lee , National Taiwan University
Jyh-Shing Roger Jang , National Taiwan University
Ja-Ling Wu , National Taiwan University
pp. 30-38
IEEE Clould Computing Call for Papers (PDF)
pp. 39
Viewpoint Sequence Recommendation Based on Contextual Information for Multiview Video (Abstract)
Xueting Wang , Nagoya University
Takatsugu Hirayama , Nagoya University
Kenji Mase , Nagoya University
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pp. 51
The Variable Markov Oracle: Algorithms for Human Gesture Applications (Abstract)
Cheng-i Wang , University of California, San Diego
Shlomo Dubnov , University of California, San Diego
pp. 52-67
Interleaved Time Bases in Hypermedia Synchronization (Abstract)
Marcio Ferreira Moreno , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Romualdo Monteiro de Resende Costa , Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares , Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
pp. 68-78
Focus on Your Job Search [Advertisement] (PDF)
pp. 79
A Machine Intelligence Approach to Virtual Ballet Training (Abstract)
Paisarn Muneesawang , Naresuan University
Naimul Mefraz Khan , Ryerson University
Matthew Kyan , York University
R. Bruce Elder , Ryerson University
Nan Dong , Ryerson University
Guoyu Sun , Communication University of China
Haiyan Li , Communication University of China
Ling Zhong , Guangdong University of Technology
Ling Guan , Ryerson University
pp. 80-92
Klewel Webcast: From Research to Growing Company (Abstract)
Mael Guillemot , Klewel
Jean-Marc Odobez , Klewel
Alessandro Vinciarelli , Klewel
Sandy Ingram , Klewel
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The Rise of Multimedia for Online Communication Startups (Abstract)
Rong Yan , Snapchat
pp. 100-104