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This month’s topics include:

IEEE Trans. on Multimedia Special Issue
CVIU Special Issue

Call for Papers
Special Issue on “Social Media as Sensors”

Web 2.0 applications and social media have transformed
the Web into an interactive sharing platform where users
upload data and media, comment on and share this content
within their social circles. Each content item is associated
with an abundance of metadata and related information
such as location, tags, comments, favourites, access
patterns and logs etc. At the same time all this information
is implicitly or explicitly interconnected based on various
properties such as social links between users, groups,
communities, etc. These properties transform social media
to data sources of an extremely dynamic nature that reflect
topics of interests, events, and the evolution of community
opinion and focus. Social media offer a unique opportunity
to structure and extract information and to benefit multiple
areas ranging from computer vision to sociology and

This special issue targets a mixed audience of researchers
from several communities, i.e. computer vision, multimedia
analysis, data mining, machine learning, information
extraction, social networks, complex systems, and information
retrieval. The emphasis of the special issue is on recognition,
discovery, and detection of topics and real-world events,
as well as on monitoring and prediction of trends and events
using social media sites as sensors. Both theoretical
contributions and applications validated on large-scale social
media datasets are welcome.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Scalable and multimodal social media analysis
(Near) real-time social media analysis
Data mining and knowledge extraction from social media
Community detection and clustering in social media
Spatio-temporal analysis for event discovery and detection
Social media applications for prediction and monitoring
Behaviour analysis in social media
Analysis of world events from social media streams
Social media systems applied to political analysis, emergency
management, and news generation
Social media as a source for sensing reality
Social media enabled applications (e.g. tourism, augmented
reality, e-participation, etc)
Other applications of social media as sensors

Submission Procedure
Prospective authors should submit high quality, original
manuscripts that have not appeared, nor are under
consideration, in any other journals. Manuscripts should be
submitted electronically through the online IEEE manuscript
submission system at (
All papers will be reviewed by at least three independent
reviewers. Papers should be formatted according to the IEEE
Transactions on Multimedia guidelines for authors (please visit:

Important dates
Submissions deadline: 16-Aug-2012
First notification: 1-Nov-2012
Revised manuscript: 30-Jan-2013
Notification of acceptance: 15-Mar-2013
Final Manuscript: 15-Apr-2013
Publication date: August 2013

Computer Vision and Image Understanding: Special Issue on
Visual Concept Detection

Guest editors:
Bart Thomee, Yahoo! Research, Spain
Mark J. Huiskes, Leiden University, Netherlands
Michael S. Lew, Leiden University, Netherlands

Important dates:
Submission of manuscript: 1 November 2011
First notification of acceptance: 1 March 2012
Revised manuscript submission: 1 May 2012
Final notification of acceptance: 15 June 2012
Publication of special issue: Fall 2012

One of the grand challenges in multimedia information retrieval
is automatic visual concept detection. This special issue calls on
researchers that aim to raise the bar with novel approaches and
techniques. All contributions are welcomed that address the topic
of visual concept detection using the MIRFLICKR image collection,
which is a popular large-scale open test benchmark. This special
issue provides an excellent venue to publish high-quality work on
novel ideas and insights that will significantly advance the state
of the art.

The special issue centers around the MIRFLICKR image collection
for the visual concept detection challenge. This set consists of
one million images from thousands of real world users that were
published to the Flickr social photography website under a
creative commons license. To facilitate training and testing a
subset of the collection has been carefully annotated by hand.
The dataset can be obtained from It is at
the discretion of the authors to use the collection in its entirety
or only partially.

Besides the annotations already supplied with the dataset, the
ImageCLEF organization has additionally defined 99 concepts
and 40 topics that can be expressed as a logical combination
of these concepts. Please refer to for more details on this dataset.
Results based on the ImageCLEF annotations are within the scope
of this special issue.

All submissions for this special issue are required to follow the
same format as regular full-length Computer Vision and Image
Understanding papers. Manuscripts must be submitted through
the CVIU online submission system at
Please ensure to select ‘Special Issue: Visual Concept Detection’
as the ‘Article Type’. All manuscripts should contain at least 30%
original material. When submitting a manuscript that is an
expanded version of a conference or workshop paper, this prior
paper must be included as ‘Supplementary Material’ during
submission. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to
the CVIU reviewing procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact Bart Thomee at