PAMI Distinguished Researcher Award

This award (until 2013 called Significant Researcher Award) is awarded to candidates whose research contributions have significantly contributed to the progress of Computer Vision. Awards are made based on major research contributions, as well as the role of those contributions in influencing and inspiring other research. Candidates are nominated by the community in a window preceding ICCV determined by the TCPAMI chair.

If you have questions about submitting a nomination, contact the TCPAMI chair. Winners are decided by a committee appointed by the TCPAMI Awards Committee.

Click here for the wikipedia article on this award.


  • 2021 Cordelia Schmid

  • 2021 Pietro Perona

  • 2019 Shree Nayar

  • 2019 William T. Freeman

  • 2017 Luc van Gool

  • 2017 Richard Szeliski

  • 2015 Yann LeCun

  • 2015 David Lowe

  • 2013 Jitendra Malik

  • 2013 Andrew Zisserman

  • 2011 Richard Hartley

  • 2011 Katsushi Ikeuchi

  • 2009 Andrew Blake

  • 2007 Demetri Terzopoulos