2024 IEEE TCPP Outstanding Service and Contributions Award

This award recognizes an individual (or a group of individuals) in the broader community who have made major professional service contributions to the parallel, distributed, and high-performance computing community. Contributions can be, but are not limited to, significant volunteer role in professional meetings (TCPP-sponsored as well as others), serving on editorial boards, organizing major events, developing community resources, and leading international outreach. These are only some example activities; this list is not exhaustive. Contributions are not limited to the 2024 calendar year.

Nomination rules:

  1. A candidate may be nominated by members of the community;
  2. Self-nominations are not eligible;
  3. An individual may nominate at most one candidate for this award;
  4. Sitting IEEE TCPP chairs, including vice chairs, cannot nominate nor be a nominee;
  5. The members of the 2024 IEEE TCPP Outstanding Service and Contributions Award cannot nominate nor be a nominee.

Nomination data:

The nomination should include:

  1. Name/email of person making the nomination;
  2. Name/email of candidate for whom the award is recommended;
  3. A statement by the nominator (maximum of 500 words) as to why the nominee is highly deserving of the award and a brief summary of the service contributions;
  4. CV of the nominee; and
  5. Up to three support letters from persons other than the nominator; these should be collected by the nominator and included in the nomination.

The nomination deadline is April 10, 2024. Please email your nominations to Bora Uçar at bora.ucar@ens-lyon.fr.

Selection committee:

  • Gagan Agrawal (University of Georgia, USA),
  • Srinivas Aluru (Georgia Tech, USA),
  • Jean-Luc Gaudiot (UC Irvine, USA),
  • Alba Melo (University Brasilia, Brazil),
  • Cynthia Philips (Sandia National Labs, USA),
  • Michela Taufer (University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA),
  • Bora Uçar (CNRS, Laboratoire LIP, Lyon, France), Chair

Past recipients include:

David Abramson, Srinivas Aluru, David Bader, Susamma Barua, Azzedine Boukerche, Franck Cappello, Umit V. Catalyurek, Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Allan Gottlieb, Michael Heroux, Alba Melo, Manish Parashar, William S. Pitts, Sushil Prasad, Viktor Prasanna, Sanjay Ranka, Yves Robert, Arnold Rosenberg, Sartaj Sahni, Michela Taufer, Sally J. Westrom, and Albert Zomaya.