2024 Call For Nominations

For At-Large Members of IEEE Computer Society

Technical Community On Software Engineering (IEEE CS TCSE)

TCSE seeks nominations by August 15, 2024 for 6 At-Large Members of the TCSE Executive Committee (ExCom). At-Large Members represent the TCSE membership and participate in decision making under the leadership of the TCSE Chair. The terms will run for two years for the period of January 1, 2025 through December 31, 2026.

The IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Community on Software Engineering (TCSE) serves a valuable role in the international software engineering community for researchers and professionals. Key priorities of TCSE include strong support for its publications, conferences, and workshops; leadership in software engineering education and international outreach; an active role in public policy issues; and good relations with other software engineering societies and regional associations.

It is critical for TCSE’s long-term growth of audience, scope and outreach to embrace the true interdisciplinary nature of software-intensive, socio-technical ecosystems. Candidates for the at-large Executive Committee positions must be ready to work with, actively engage and support TCSE membership, volunteers, conferences and workshops to address the challenges, opportunities and risks of this interdisciplinary world software engineering.

After nominations are received and reviewed, the final ballot will be sent to all TCSE members by IEEE Computer Society to vote for 6 at-large Executive Committee members based on the slate of candidates.  Candidates will be asked to submit a position statement and a brief biography (up to one page in length) for inclusion in the election ballot.

Please nominate those colleagues whom you wish to run for the position of at-large member of the Executive Committee for IEEE CS TCSE. However, the nominee must agree to serve on the committee. All candidates must be members of IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Computer Society Technical Community on Software Engineering at the time of nomination.  Please provide us Name, Affiliation, and Email to reach out to your nominee. Self-nomination is also allowed.

Please email your nominations no later than August 15, 2024 to: dbs754smith@gmail.com

The 2024 TCSE Elections Committee is listed at https://tc.computer.org/tcse/excom/