IEEE Computer Society TCSE Awards

Current Awards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of IEEE TCSE Awards for 2023 as follows:

2023 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award

Laura Dillon (Michigan State University, USA) in recognition for decades of work in mentoring and improving the representation of women and underrepresented minorities in computing.





2023 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award

Tayana Uchôa Conte (Federal University of Amazonas Manaus, Brazil) in recognition of her impact in educating university students in software engineering at all levels. Her practice and research in software engineering education has been influencing Brazil and South America for a long time, and more recently is having impact in Europe and other international countries.


2023 IEEE CS TCSE  New Directions Award

Patricia Lago (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands) in recognition of her pioneering work in sustainable software where new dimensions of software engineering with enormous impact on society–such as e-waste and software energy efficiency – are considered in the software engineering process.


2023 IEEE CS TCSE Rising Star Award

Fabio Palomba (University of Salerno, Italy) in recognition of his research on code refactoring and code smells. The use of alternative sources of information, such as historical and textual information, besides the structural information previously used in the literature, has led to significant research advancements in the area.



2023 IEEE CS TCSE Lifetime Achievement Award

Victor Basili (University of Maryland, USA) in recognition of formalizing the concepts around measurement programs and process improvement to support decision making in software development organizations, and founding the field of Empirical Software Engineering.


2023 IEEE CS TCSE Synergy Award

The SINTEF Digital Process Innovation Research Group (Trondheim, Norway) in recognition of significant impact for more than 23 years since its founding in 1999, assisting both private and public organizations, nationally and internationally. Its research has focused on evidence-based process improvement and agile methods, extensively impacting both research and practice.

Awards History

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Leadership Award

Margaret Burnett (Oregon State University, USA) in recognition for decades of work breaking glass ceilings for women in computing and SE.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Service Award

Valerie Issarny (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, France) in recognition for significant contributions  in service, mentorship, and influence to the SE community.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael Jackson (Open University, UK) in recognition for more than five decades of contribution to academic and industrial software engineering and its research, influencing generations of software engineers.


2021 IEEE CS TCSE  New Directions Award

Yuriy Brun (University of Massachusetts) in recognition of setting a new direction in software engineering research by defining the area of software fairness testing. His advocacy for industrial uptake of software fairness testing has attracted both funding and opportunities for real-world impact, and charted a roadmap for software engineering research in this new area.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award

Didar Zowghi (CSIRO’s Data61, Australia) in recognition for outstanding contribution to software engineering education by her long-term efforts to increase diversity in the student body studying computer programming.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE  New Directions Award

Cristian Cadar  & Abhik Roychoudhury

Cristian Cadar (Imperial College London) and Abhik Roychoudhury (National University of Singapore) in recognition for their contributions to symbolic execution for test generation and program repair.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Rising Star Award

Baishakhi Ray (Columbia University, USA) in recognition for innovative and high-quality research on software engineering and artificial intelligence, which has impacted both the academic and industrial communities.

2021 IEEE CS TCSE Rising Star Award

Federica Sarro (University College London) in recognition of her high-impact, industrially relevant research on predictive modeling for software engineering. In parallel to her research excellence, she has also made substantial contributions to the training of a large cohort of students, and to the development of improved curricula in support of this training.

2022 IEEE CS TCSE Rising Star Award

Sonia Haiduc (Florida State University, USA) in recognition for innovative and influential research  and professional leadership in the area of software maintenance and evolution.


2021 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished WISE Leadership Award

Sue Black (Durham University) in recognition for creating highly recognized and sustained programs to help women, who are not originally related to computing and technology, develop the required skills to pursue their dreams and improve their quality of lives through computer science and software engineering career paths. The impact she has generated by mentoring underprivileged women, and ever their children, is endless.

2021 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Service Award

David Lo (Singapore Management University) in recognition of his extensive and outstanding service to the software engineering community in his many roles in major software engineering conferences and journals.


Ahmed Hassan

2021 IEEE CS TCSE Distinguished Education Award

Ahmed Hassan (Queen’s University) in recognition of his continuous efforts in raising generations of software engineering researchers coming to his lab from all over the world. Twenty six of his former trainees are now faculty members in various areas of software engineering.