TC on Simulation Awards


CGAMES 2015 International Computer Games Conference Applying Formal Picture Languages to Procedural Content Generation – David Maung Machiavellian Agents: Player Modelling to Deceive and be Deceived – Scott Andrew Alexander Watson A Study of the Correlations Between Augmented Reality and Its Ability to Influence User Behavior -Nicole Kosoris


CGAMES 2014 International Computer Games Conference Client-Server Assignment in Massively Multiplayer Online Games – Shawn Farlow and Jerry L. Trahan Whale of a Crowd: Quantifying the Effectiveness of Crowd-Sourced Serious Games – Umit Tellioglu, Geoffrey G. Xie, Justin P. Rohrer and Charles Prince A Framework for using Games for Behavioral Analysis


The Second IEEE International Workshop on Emerging COgnitive Radio Applications and algorithms (IEEE CORAL 2013) in IEEE WoWMoM conference Performance Evaluation of Single-Chip Spectrum Sensing Platform for Portable Spectrum Measurements — Alexandros Palaios, J. Riihijarvi, P. Mahonen, P. van Wesemael, M. Desmet, A. Dejonghe