The IEEE TCSVC Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes one individual for her/his outstanding leadership contributions to the services community and to the field of services computing, and his leadership and visionary contributions to society at large through promotion and applications of services computing concepts to improve global business management, enterprise computing and applications of services computing to a variety of science, engineering, and business domains.

The IEEE TCSVC Research Innovation Award recognizes one individual or one group of collaborators whose outstanding technical innovations in the field of services computing have had a lasting impact in advancing the theory and practice of the field. The contributions must have significantly influenced the direction of research and development of the field or transferred to practice in significant and innovative ways and/or enabled the development of commercial systems/products.

The IEEE TCSVC Outstanding Service Award recognizes one individual for her/his outstanding services to building the services computing community with significant and persistent volunteer efforts, such as services to IEEE TCSVC activities worldwide, annual World Congress on Services (SERVICES) events, and/or satellite services computing events of SERVICES in different regions of the world.

The IEEE TCSVC Rising Star Award recognizes very promising individuals who are in the early stages of their independent research careers, but have already made outstanding, impactful and potentially long-lasting contributions to the research and practice of Services Computing. To be eligible, an individual must have earned a doctorate no more than 10 years before, or be below the age of 40 as of, January 1st of the year of the award.

The IEEE TCSVC Women in Services Computing Award recognizes women leaders, researchers and practitioners who have demonstrated long-standing, sustained, and impactful contributions to Service Computing practice and research, providing a female role model for young women pursuing a career in Services Computing.

Annual call for nominations for the awards is due May 31st of the award year and is publicized through IEEE-CS TCSVC social media channels. Award ceremony is held at the annual IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES), co-located with IEEE BigData CongressCLOUDEDGEICCCICIOTICWS, and SCC.


  • Qualified candidates exclude the IEEE TCSVC Chair and the IEEE TCSVC Awards Committee Chair.

Nomination Process

  • Anyone in the field can nominate one person. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominations should include a proposed citation (up to 25 words) and a detailed statement to justify the nomination (500 words or less).
  • Two supporting letters are required for each nomination. The letters should address the significance of the contributions cited in the nomination.
  • Nominations that did not result in an award can be resubmitted or updated in subsequent years.
  • The Awards Committee will evaluate all nominations and decide on zero or more winners for each award category.

To submit your nomination, choose an award category at the web page

Awards Committee Chair

Past Awardees