The IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing (TCSVC) is looking for members and volunteers to promote its activities. The URL for joining TCSVC is

The TCSVC membership is FREE for anyone and you do not have to be an IEEE or IEEE Computer Society member to join. However, you must be an IEEE Computer Society member to vote in elections and hold office. Also, you must be an IEEE member to get the discounted membership registration rate at TCSVC financially sponsored conferences.

It can be argued that Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Management professionals benefit in general from work in Services Computing technologies, because today virtually every IT or business project is related with software and service activities on the Internet among businesses and/or consumers in one way or another, and especially Web services is the integration glue in the middle of advanced business and scientific applications.

As illustrated in the following figure, it is expected that members can benefit from the professional activities (e.g., TCSVC sponsored conferences), publications (e.g., conference proceedings and journals), communication (e.g., column sections in the IEEE magazines, meetings, mailing lists and discussion groups) and connection (e.g., TCSVC social media channels) provided by TCSVC.

membership illustrative diagram