Executive Committee

Anirban Sengupta Anirban Sengupta
TCVLSI Chair & VCAL Co-Editor-in-Chief
Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Indore

Dr. Anirban Sengupta is the Chair of IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on VLSI. He is also the Editor-in Chief of IEEE VCAL (Newsletter of TCVLSI). He is working in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Indore, where he directs the research lab on ‘CAD for Consumer Electronics Device Security & Reliability’.


saraju mohanty Saraju Mohanty
VCAL Emeritus Co-Editor-in-Chief & Immediate Past Chair
University of North Texas, Denton

Dr. Saraju Mohanty is a Professor at the University of North Texas. His research interest is in Smart Electronic Systems. 

Hai (Helen) Li Hai (Helen) Li
Duke University

Dr. Hai (Helen) Li is an Associate Professor at Duke University. Her research focuses on memory design and architecture, brain-inspired neuromorphic computing systems, and cross-layer optimization for low power & high performance. 

nagi naganathan Nagi Naganathan
Vice Chair – Liaison
Avago Technologies, A Broadcom Limited Company

Dr. Nagi Naganathan is a Principal Engineer at Avago Technologies, A Broadcom Limited Company. His specialties include SoC/VLSI Design, System Architecture and Design, RTL Design (Verilog) & Verification, HDD SoCs, Signal Integrity, Low Power, VLSI R&D, Design with ARM Processors, Floor Planning and Package, VLSI-EDA, VLSI-DSP and Switch Fabrics 

Jia Di Jia Di
Vice Chair – Conferences
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Dr. Jia Di is a Professor at University of Arkansas. His research interests focus on asynchronous integrated circuit design for various applications and hardware security.


dhruva ghai Dhruva Ghai
Vice Chair – Membership
Oriental University, Indore

Dr. Dhruva Ghai is a Professor and Dean, Postgraduate Engineering and Research, Oriental University, Indore.


James Stine James Stine
Vice Chair – Media
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Dr. James Stine is a Professor at the Oklahoma State University. His research interests includes VLSI, Computer Arithmetic, and Digital Circuit and System Design, and General-Purpose and Application-specific Architectures.


Joseph Cavallaro Joseph Cavallaro
Past Chair
Rice University

Joseph Cavallaro is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Center for Multimedia Communication at Rice University, Houston, TX. His research interests include computer arithmetic, and DSP, GPU, FPGA, and VLSI architectures for applications in wireless communications.