VLSI Circuits and Systems Letter

Current Issue

Excited to publish and share with the VLSI global community our TCVLS  Volume 10 Summer 2024 Special Issue of the newsletter, the tenth in my role as the IEEE-TCVLSI Chair. This special issue of VCaSL is focused on highlighting the heroes of VLSI and emphasizing that the true unsung hero of the AI revolution is VLSI. An op-ed by Associate Editor, Prof Priya Panda, emphasizes the need for a tight connection between industry and academia in the AI world. Further we provide an update on TCVLSI’s “V” Pay It Forward campaign that was launched in summer of 2023 to help bridge the resource gap. I’d like to thank Nicole Tian for designing the cover page of this newsletter. I’d like to thank the IEEE CS staff, for their professional services to make the newsletter publicly available. I’d love to hear from the readers on what you would like to see in future newsletters. I welcome recommendations/feedback via email. Happy reading

Volume 10, Issue 1, 2024

Aim and Scope

The VLSI Circuits and Systems Letter (VCaSL) is a quarterly publication which aims to provide timely updates on technologies, educations and opportunities related to VLSI circuits and systems for TCVLSI members. The letter will be published four times a year and it contains the following sections:

  • Features: selective short papers within the technical scope of TCVLSI, “What is” section to introduce interesting topics related to TCVLSI, and short review/survey papers on emerging topics in the areas of VLSI circuits and systems.
  • Opinions: Discussions and book reviews on recent VLSI/nanoelectronic/emerging circuits and systems for nano computing, and “Expert Talks” to include the interviews of eminent experts for their concerns and predictions on cutting-edge technologies.
  • Updates: Upcoming conferences/workshops of interest to TCVLSI members, call for papers of conferences and journals for TCVLSI members, funding opportunities and job openings in academia or industry relevant to TCVLSI members, and TCVLSI member news.
  • Outreach and Community: The “Outreach K20” section highlights integrating VLSI computing concepts with activities for K-4, 4-8, 9-12 and/or undergraduate students. It also features student fellowship information as well a “Puzzle” section for our readership. We are soliciting contributions to all these four sections. Please directly contact the editors and/or associate editors by email to submit your contributions.

VLSI Circuits and Systems Letter (VCaSL) is the official periodical of IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on VLSI (TCVLSI). The feature articles of IEEE VCaSL are peer reviewed by its Editorial Board who are recognized global experts in their respective fields. The IEEE VCaSL is similar to other sister newsletters of professional societies such as IEEE Cyber Physical Systems, IEEE CEDA and ACM SIGDA.