2019 VGTC ExCom Meeting Minutes

  • Date: Oct 22, 2019
  • Time: 7pm
  • Venue: Vancouver Convention Center, Room 15
  • Attendees: Loretta Auvil, Gautam Chaudhary, James Ahrens, Paul Rosen, Miriah Meyer, Arvind Satyanarayan, Carlos Scheidegger, Meghan Haley, Brian Fischer, Klaus Mueller, Lisa Avila, Torsten Möller, Daniel Weiskopf, Leila, Silvia, Robert, Brian Kirk, Brooks (IEEE), Michelle (IEEE), Regan Pickett (IEEE), Anders Ynnerman


Around the table introductions


  1. 3% spending limit for TC
  2. Projected 84k, revised 55k
  3. Brief discussion on new initiative costs
  4. IEEE Services — Web recording

VGTC Process

  1. New members
  2. VGTC conference services
  3. Staffing and recruiting
  4. Vitality request from IEEE — check on VGTC health

Harassment Reporting

  1. Code of conduct

IEEE Sales and Marketing Service for Conference Sponsorship

  1. IEEE puts VIS in portfolio and sells sponsorships, IEEE keeps 20%
  2. IEEE Marketing plans for attendees and sponsors


  1. Bring some of Distill.pub model to VGTC

Status of agreements

  1. MOU Want to bring them together and make them up to data
    • Both TVCG (Leila) and CG&A (Torsten)
  2. EuroVis
    • TOG Session at VIS, and vice versa
    • VIS booth at SIGRAPH, and vice versa


  1. Update to website
  2. Update with social media
  3. Web hosting