IEEE VGTC Visualization Pioneers Group


The IEEE VGTC Visualization Pioneers Group (VPG) is a part of IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community (VGTC). A VPG membership brings several benefits:

  • Access to the VPG reception at IEEE VIS conference
  • A Visualization Pioneer lapel pin. The lapel pin indicates your special status in the community.

Membership in the VPG is a privilege. Members honor their commitment to the future of visualization by supporting the group with their annual dues.


VPG is an earned member category under VGTC.

  • Membership is earned after 20 years of contributions to some aspect of visualization. All members of the visualization community are welcome—scientists, engineers, academics, artists, designers, salespersons, marketing representatives, etc.
  • Members commit to perform some service to the visualization community. This service may include conference or journal paper reviews, financial support of the mentoring program, serving as a mentor, or some other service as needs and opportunities arise
  • Member dues are USD $50 per year and support Pioneer activities including the mentorship initiative and the annual reception.


VPG is a networking, mentoring, advisory, and philanthropic organization. We gather yearly at a reception to meet old friends, make new ones, enjoy food and drinks, and listen to a distinguished speaker from the visualization community. The annual reception will be held during the IEEE VIS week.

Visualization Pioneers are passionate advocates of all aspects of visualization. We share our opinions with the VGTC to help shape our future direction.


The VPG consists of:

  • VPG Members
  • Lead Organizer—The organizer’s responsibilities include leading the pioneers group, serving as a liaison to the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community (VGTC), and working with the group’s co-organizers to plan and execute outreach activities throughout the year. The current group organizer is Pak Chung Wong at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Co-organizers—A group of co-organizers that work with the lead organizer to support daily operations such as budget accounting, lead outreach activities such as the annual best dissertation and best visualization contest events, and host the annual group reception co-located with the IEEE VIS conference. The current three co-organizers are: John Dill at Simon Fraser University, David Kasik at Boeing, and Klaus Mueller at Stony Brook University.


As a social organization, VPG is self-funded. Our fiscal year follows the calendar of the annual IEEE VIS Conference. Members must pay annual dues. Dues include attendance at the annual reception at the VIS conference. The group also seeks financial support from commercial sponsors and government agencies to support different outreach activities.


  1. IEEE VGTC VPG Doctoral Dissertation Contest
  2. IEEE VGTC VPG International Data-Visualization Contest
  3. IEEE VGTC VPG Member Exclusive Reception


IBM ResearchPacific Northwest National Laboratory  ACT Blue

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a VPG supporter, please contact for more information.

Questions about our sponsored events, membership, or how to get your event sponsored by the IEEE Visualization & Graphics Technical Community (VGTC)? E-mail the VGTC Chair.