IEEE Cloud Computing Steering Committee

The IEEE Cloud Steering Committee has leaders from a wide array of societies and organizations across the IEEE, all with interests in the diverse technology of cloud computing. The Steering Committee guides the activities of IEEE Cloud Computing.


Professor Ching-Hsien Hsu

Chair Professor and Dean, College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Asia University, Taiwan
Professor, Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan


  1. Dr. Martin Gilje Jaatun, SINTEF, Norway. Email: .
  2. Profesor Amir Alavi , University of Pittsburgh, USA .
  3. Professor Shangguang Wang, BUPT, China, Email: .
  4. Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, Australian National University, Australia .

Executive Committee

  • Conferences/Webinars

Professor Xiaochun Cheng, Middlesex University, UK, Email:

Professor Xianghan Zheng, Fuzhou University, China,  Email:

Professor Bahman Javadi, Western Sydney University, Australia,  Email:

Dr. Blesson Varghese, Queen’s University Belfast, UK, Email:

  • Membership Director

Dr. Hojjat Baghban, University of Bristol, UK,  Email:

  • Publications Editor

Professor Xiaochun Cheng, Middlesex University, UK, Email:

  • Social Media

Facebook & Instagram: Mr.  R S Nithin, IEEE Kerala Section, India, Email:

Twitter: Mr. Hussein Shirvani, IEEE Iran Section Email:

  • Webmaster

Dr. Hojjat Baghban, University of Bristol, UK, Taiwan, Email:

  • Newsletter

Mr. Russel Wolff, University of Stavanger, Norway, Email:



Asia: Professor Shangguang Wang, BUPT, China.

Australia and New Zealand: Professor Bahman Javadi, Western Sydney University, Australia.

Europe: Professor Xiaochun Cheng, Middlesex University, UK.

Advisory Committees

 Professor Ling Liu

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. 


Professor Yuanyuan Yang

Stony Brook University, USA.


Professor Christophe Cérin

University of Paris XIII, France.


Professor Reza Nejabati

University of  Bristol, UK.


Professor Yo-Ping Huang

National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan.

 Professor Beniamino Di Martino

University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli,

Aversa, Italy.


Dr. Irena Bojanova
National Institute of  Standards and Technology, USA.


Doug Zuckerman
IEEE Communications Society

Tom Coughlin
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society &
Member and Geographic Activities.

Mazin Yousif
IEEE Cloud Computing magazine (EIC)

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