Welcome to the IEEE Technical Community on Cloud Computing (TCCLD), promoting research, education and industry in cloud computing.

The IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing (TCCLD) has transitioned from an initiative under IEEE Future Directions to be operational under the Computer Society (CS), keeping the IEEE participating societies involved. The community provides a forum for members to broaden professional contacts, facilitates information exchange, and stimulates the growth of research, education and industry in cloud computing. TCCLD promotes and sponsors upcoming and prominent conferences as well as competitions, and contributes to outreach to researchers in different regions through our technical committee. Issues related to the design and implementation of cloud systems and solutions are of interest, as are cloud solutions in a broader sense. Technical areas include, but are not limited to, cloud computing infrastructure; cloud systems; interoperability with fog/edge systems, services and applications; cloud security; cloud standards; big data on clouds; mobile cloud; cloud communications; cloud applications; business and management; IoT on clouds; and sustainable clouds. The activities include blogs, podcasts, and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Flipboard. Publications such as IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC) and IEEE Cloud Magazine are part of the community, as spin-offs under the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative.


2022 IEEE TCCLD Awardees:

  • TCCLD Impact
    • Keqin Li, State University of New York, USA.
  • TCCLD Rising Star
    •   Zehui Xiong, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore .
  • TCCLD Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis
    • Mohammad Goudarzi, University of Melbourne, Australia.
    •   Chuntao Ding, Beijing Jiaotong University, China.
  • TCCLD Women in Cloud Computing
    • Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas at Dallas, USA.

Call For Nominations: 2022 IEEE TCCLD Award

TCCLD Awards outstanding members of the Cloud Computing community in a number of categories, including research, service, and leadership, among others.

  • TCCLD Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award.
  • TCCLD Rising Star Award.
  • TCCLD Research Innovation Award.
  • TCCLD Outstanding Leadership Award.
  • TCCLD Outstanding Service Award.
  • TCCLD Women in Cloud Computing Award.
  • TCCLD Research Impact Award.

For more details please visit the IEEE TCCLD Award Section.

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