Open Data And Benchmarking Initiative (ODABI)

The Open Data And Benchmarking Initiative (ODABI) aims to facilitate the research and development of innovative services computing technologies with open datasets and benchmarking suites, particularly the technologies for advancing, composing and managing API-defined industrial services.

As the first step toward reaching the goal, a partial list of existing open datasets and benchmarking suites on the web is available for download here.

In order to facilitate collaborating on the ODABI effort, a discussion topic has been created for ODABI at the IEEE Services Computing Community:

The IEEE On-line Community for Services Computing provides free registration. Active participation in this community is encouraged if you would like to contribute to and/or benefit from the ODABI effort.

Major updates on ODABI activities will also be distributed through the TCSVC-ANNOUNCE mailing list.

Private feedback on the ODABI effort can be emailed to “rong.chang AT”.