TC on the Internet


The Technical Community on the Internet of the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS TCI) is a forum for furthering research aiming at the advancement of the Internet — its underlying technologies and the applications it supports. The forum’s interests span many areas in computer science and engineering — areas that are shaping the grand symbiosis of the Internet and the Web.

IEEE-CS TCI promotes the exchange of ideas in a wide range of topics: from application software, middleware, systems, networked multimedia, e-commerce, IoT, internet security, to the networking protocols and server architectures. TCI sponsors conferences and workshops on these and related topics. TCI will continue to plan and implement activities to sustain and grow the community. 

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Officers and Roles

Chair: Dr. Qun Li, College of William and Mary

Vice Chair: Dr. David Mohaisen, University of Central Florida

Secretary: Dr. Yao Liu,  Rutgers University

Executive Committee: