Special Interest Groups

SIGMUSP (SIG on Multimedia Security and Privacy)

Chair: James Joshi (University of Pittsburgh)


SIGMDM (SIG on Multimedia Data Mining)

Chairs: Mohan Kankanhalli (National University of Singapore) & Mei-Ling Shyu (University of Miami)


SIGSMM (SIG on Semantic Multimedia Management)

Chairs: Richard Chbeir (University of Pau and Pays de ĽAdour, France) & William Grosky (University of Michigan-Dearborn)


SIGASP (SIG on Audio and Speech Processing for Multimedia)

Chairs: Xavier Anguera (ELSA Lisboa e Região, Portugal) & Gerald Friedland (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)


SIGMTEL (SIG on Multimedia Technologies for E-Learning)

Chairs: Wolfgang Huerst (Utrecht University, Netherlands) & Lars Knipping (Technical University of Berlin, Germany) & Robert Mertens (Hochschule Weserbergland, Germany)


SIGVA (SIG on Video Analytics)

Chair: Prabhakaran Balakrishnan (University of Texas at Dallas)


SIGBIGMM (SIG on Big Multimedia)

Chairs: Yonghong Tian (Peking University, China) & Ce Zhu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)


SIGVC (SIG on Visual Computing)

Chair: Yi Fang (NYU Abu Dhabi)


SIGWM (SIG on Women in Multimedia Computing)

Chairs: Mei-Ling Shyu (University of Miami) & Bhavani Thuraisingham (The University of Texas at Dallas)