PAMI Young Researcher Award

This annual award recognizes a young researcher for their distinguished research contribution to computer vision. The award is given out by the IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) Technical Committee, and the selection is managed by the PAMI-TC awards committee. The winner will be announced annually at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).

About the Award

This award is made annually for a distinguished research contribution in computer vision by a young researcher within seven years of their PhD.

The award includes a 3,000 USD cash prize and a plaque. It is financially sponsored by the Journal Image and Vision Computing, and is the successor of the Outstanding Young Researcher Award that IVC gave out at CVPR 2012. The winners will be listed on the PAMI-TC web site.

Nominating a Candidate

A nomination for the award should consist of:

  1. The full name and contact details of the nominator, who should hold a senior position within his or her organization. It is acceptable for this to be the same organization as the nominee.

  2. The full name and contact details of the nominee.

  3. A description provided by the nominator in up to 300 words, of the distinguished research contribution in computer vision of the nominee, and its importance, in a form accessible to a general computing science audience

  4. A CV of up to 2 pages of the nominee (including 5 most important publications).

  5. A Publication list of all published articles of the nominee. (Please do not include “accepted” but not yet published articles as these will not be taken into account.)

  6. The name and email address of two referees who would be able to provide independent assessments of the nominee’s research contribution and who are based in different institutions than the nominator and the nominee. The nominator is responsible for contacting these referees directly, who should send their letters directly to


Nominations should be in the form of a single electronic file in pdf format. The name of the nominator and the nominee must be in the title of the file. Nominations should be made by the nominator by May 1 prior to each year’s CVPR and sent to:


  • 2023 Christoph Feichtenhofer

  • 2023 Judy Hoffman

  • 2022 Bharath Hariharan

  • 2022 Olga Russakovsky

  • 2021 Georgia Gkioxari

  • 2021 Phillip Isola

  • 2020 Jon Barron

  • 2020 Deqing Sun

  • 2019 Karen Simonyan

  • 2018 Andreas Geiger

  • 2018 Kaiming He

  • 2017 Ross Girshick

  • 2017 Julien Mairal

  • 2016 Ce Liu

  • 2016 Abhinav Gupta

  • 2015 John Wright

  • 2014 Derek Hoiem

  • 2014 Jamie Shotton

  • 2013 Anat Levin

  • 2013 Kristen Grauman

  • 2012 Deva Ramanan