TCPAMI-Sponsored Conferences

The TCPAMI regularly sponsors the following major conferences:

  • CVPR: Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, held every year in North America, except in years when ICCV is in North America
  • ICCV: International Conference on Computer Vision, which is held approximately every two years, generally rotating among the continents of Asia, North America, and Europe
  • WACV: Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, now yearly in the winter
  • WMVC: Workshop on Motion and Video Computing, generally colocated with WACV
  • FG: Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition
  • AVSS: Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance

CVPR and ICCV are usually accompanied by numerous Short Courses and Workshops. In addition, other workshops may be sponsored throughout the year by the PAMI TC.

  • For information on upcoming meetings, check here.
  • For the history of CVPR and ICCV, check here.
  • If you’d like to propose a meeting, send e-mail to the Chair. There is information about past conferences and ideas on how to set up a conference here.
  • Charter for CVPR, 2014
  • Charter for ICCV, 2013

Upcoming TCPAMI-Sponsored Conferences