CVPR and ICCV Steering Committee

CVPR and ICCV are governed by a 15-member steering committee that is external to, but interacts with, TC PAMI. The committee consists almost entirely of past / future general chairs. The current TC chair serves as an ex officio (non-voting) member of the CVPR / ICCV steering committee, while the previous TC chair serves as a voting at-large member. It is possible for the current TC chair to serve as a voting member of the committee if they have served or will serve as a lead general chair of a conference.

The steering committee has arbitrary authority over its conferences, subject to approval from the financial sponsors. The steering committee is responsible for establishing future editions of CVPR and ICCV. This involves the selection of a lead general chair and a venue. The lead general chair appoints the rest of the organizing committee, starting with the other General Chairs and the Program Chairs. The steering committee has the option of a community vote for the program chairs. The lead general chair reports to the steering committee, and the steering committee reports to the financial sponsors, who must jointly approve any decision that in their opinion has a financial impact. In the very unlikely event of a serious issue, the steering committee can replace the lead general chair and the rest of the organizing committee by a 2/3 vote with consent of both financial sponsors.


CVPR Lead General Chairs (5)

Year Name Affiliation
2025 Ce Liu Microsoft Azure AI, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2024 Octavia Camps Northeastern University
2023 Greg Mori Simon Fraser University
2022 Jiri Matas Czech Technical University
2021 Lihi Zelnik-Manor Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

ICCV Lead General Chairs (5)

Year Name Affiliation
2027 Gang Hua Wormpex AI Research
2025 Ramin Zabih Cornell University
2023 Jana Kosecka George Mason University
2021 James Clark McGill University
2019 Kyoung Mu Lee Seoul National University

At Large (3)

Name Affiliation
David Forsyth University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Cordelia Schmid INRIA
Bryan Morse Brigham Young University

CVF Representative (1)

Name Affiliation
Gerard Medioni USC Viterbi School of Engineering

IEEE Computer Society Representative (1)

Name Affiliation
Carmen Saliba IEEE

Ex Officio Non-Voting (3)

Name Affiliation
Walter Scheirer University of Notre Dame, TCPAMI
Melissa Russell IEEE Computer Society
Ramin Zabih Cornell University, CVF