Our Objectives: V Pay it Forward

The “V Pay it Forward” program recognizes the need to bridge this gender gap and harness the untapped potential of women in VLSI. By empowering women to pursue graduate studies and careers in VLSI, we can contribute to the revitalization of the semiconductor workforce and help shape the future of technology.

Our program aims to inspire and support women at every stage of their educational and professional journey in VLSI. Through community building, research showcase initiatives, mentorship programs, and targeted outreach efforts, we strive to break down barriers, provide opportunities, and create a supportive environment for women to thrive in the field.

Building a Strong Community for the Future of VLSI: An objective of the program is to establish a robust community in VLSI. By fostering such a community, women (especially aspiring ones) in the field can benefit from a network of support and assistance, which can help to overcome the obstacles that frequently hinder career advancement for women.

Enhancing Research and Recognition in VLSI: The program seeks to enhance research and recognition in VLSI by providing students and researchers with a platform to talk about their cutting-edge research. By promoting innovation and recognition, the program aims to drive the advancement of this field and create new opportunities for women in STEM. 

Fostering Mentorship and Leadership: The program aims to foster mentorship and leadership by conducting workshops and networking events for female students and researchers with experienced professionals in the field. This outreach will provide women with guidance and support as they pursue their careers and help to build a pipeline of female leaders in VLSI.

Networking: Utilizing the SRC JUMP (Joint University Microelectronics Program) program can serve as an effective means to promote the “V Pay it Forward” program. The SRPiC JUMP program brings together researchers, students, and industry professionals from the microelectronics community in annual review meetings.