Are you ready to make a difference and shape the future of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)? Join us as we launch a series of exciting initiatives under the “V Pay it Forward” program. We are on a mission to empower women, promote diversity, and foster a more inclusive VLSI community. Now, it’s your chance to get involved through one or more of the following areas and be part of the revolution.

Community Building: Be a Catalyst for Connection Ignite the power of community by becoming a vital force in building a supportive network for women in VLSI. Through virtual meetups, online forums, and mentorship programs, you can help create a safe space where women can connect, share experiences, and uplift each other. Together, let’s forge strong bonds and break down the barriers that hinder progress.  

Research Showcase: Spotlight on TrailblazersBe a champion for the extraordinary research conducted by women in VLSI. As a volunteer, you’ll play a pivotal role in organizing insightful interviews and captivating webinars with esteemed academicians and industry experts. By shining a spotlight on their research agenda and showcasing the accomplishments of their female graduate students, you can inspire more women to pursue research in VLSI and open doors to new opportunities in STEM.

Workshops and Networking Events: Empower and ElevateHarness your passion for mentorship and leadership by helping us organize transformative workshops and networking events. By connecting female students and researchers with experienced professionals in VLSI, you can provide invaluable guidance, support, and skill-building opportunities. Together, let’s empower women to thrive and cultivate a pipeline of future leaders in the field.

K-12 and Undergraduate Outreach: Spark Curiosity, Ignite PassionUnleash your enthusiasm for inspiring the next generation of VLSI enthusiasts! Join us in developing engaging curriculum content and reaching out to high schools. By launching an exciting competition for high school students, you can ignite curiosity and encourage them to pursue a career in VLSI. Together, let’s create a more balanced and diverse future for the field by nurturing young talent.

Advocacy and Policy: Drive Systemic ChangeStep up as a catalyst for change by advocating for gender equality and diversity in VLSI. Collaborate with industry partners, academic institutions, and policymakers to promote initiatives that create an inclusive environment. Your voice can help shape policies that will pave the way for a more equitable VLSI landscape.

Awareness and Outreach: Amplify the MessageHelp us raise awareness about VLSI as a career option for women through targeted outreach efforts. By showcasing success stories, organizing webinars, and partnering with educational institutions, you will inspire more women to pursue VLSI and create a diverse talent pool. Together, let’s create a stronger presence for women in this dynamic field.

Join us in making a lasting impact and redefining the future of VLSI through our “V Pay it Forward” initiatives. Together, we can empower women, foster innovation, and create a thriving community. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of change!

To learn more about our initiatives, how you can get involved, or if you know of any existing programs, reach out to us at with the initiative you want to work on. Let’s write the next chapter of VLSI history together!