Important Information

North Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is only recognized by Turkey. We highly recommend the ICALT participants to check the travel information/advisory from their government before deciding to join the conference in-person or online. More information: 

ICALT 2024 conference is scheduled to be held at Near East University, which is located on Near East Boulevard in Nicosia, North Cyprus. The university campus is home to both undergraduate and graduate students and several innovative strides such as Gunsel B9 (100% Electric Cars), COVID-19 Diagnostic Kit, NEUIslanders (AI-Powered Robotic Soccer Team), AI Prof. DUX (AI Learning Facilitator), and others. The northern part of Cyprus, with its golden beaches, turquoise sea, and warm sun, is home to all.

There are two major ways to get here: By public transport (i.e., taxi) from Larnaca International Airport (IATA: LCA) and by public transport (i.e., taxi) from Ercan International Airport (IATA: ECN).

From Larnaca International Airport

From Larnaca

Larnaca to NEU map

From Ercan International Airport

Ercan to NEU map

Ercan to NEU map