Important Notes – Venue:

Location: İRFAN GÜNSEL CONGRESS CENTER at Near East University in Nicosia, North Cyprus.
Address of Near East University: Near East Boulevard, ZIP: 99138. Nicosia, North Cyprus.

ICALT 2024 Local Tour Program

The tours will start at 16.00. All participants are to be ready in front of the İrfan Günsel Congress Center by 15.45, and tours are free for all participants.




1 July 2024 *Old City Nicosia

*Campus Tour

  1. University Library
  2. Faculties
  3. Teaching Hospital
  4. Car Factory (Test-Drive)

*Car Museum-Welcome Reception

2 July 2024 *Bellapais

*University of Kyrenia

*Kyrenia Port

3 July 2024 *Salamis

*Old City Famagusta

*Mimoza Beach Hotel-Banquet (Free Dinner Included)

16.00–22.00 (including banquet)
4 July 2024 *Beach Seaside (Participants are to pay for whatever they buy.)





Campus map:

Click here to access the main campus map