Information for Tourists

The Northern Part of Cyprus is one of the leading tourist centers in the world with its natural habitats, offering global tourist services. The following websites can provide useful information to help you plan a trip to the northern part of Cyprus:


The northern part of Cyprus is home to several museums housing some of the most memorable Ottoman artifacts, monasteries, Castles, etc.

Natural Sightseeing

Natural Sightseeing, Herbarium, Kyrenia was founded in 1989. The Botanist Dr. Deryck Viney has managed to list 1250 flora specimens in Hebarium. Many pressed plant examples and photographs welcome you to the Herbarium.


The crystal-clear seas and golden beaches of Northern Cyprus, where nature offers spectacular beauty, are waiting for its guests. Its most tranquil bays, to which you can escape a little from a fast and exhausting life, are waiting to be discovered.

Caretta Caretta Watching

There are two species of sea turtles that prefer the beaches of Northern Cyprus to lay their eggs every year.

Historic Attractions

There are several historical attractions in the cities of North Cyprus for those planning to enjoy historical tourism.


There are several caves in North Cyprus that are free to explore.


Golf lovers could enjoy their time at the Golf Club in North Cyprus. The Golf Club is naturally decorated with many olive, pine, and carob trees.