Abasi-amefon O. Affia (a.k.a Amefon) is a research fellow and a doctoral student of Computer Science at the University of Tartu, Estonia. She attended Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu, Estonia from 2016 – 2018 where she received her Master’s degree in Cyber-security. Her research interests include the security of information systems and intelligent infrastructure systems and cloud infrastructure, socio-technical security and privacy analysis, and security risk management in intelligent infrastructure systems. She has published three research papers in these areas.
Amefon also has six years of professional experience in information technology. Currently, she works part-time as a cyber-security engineer at a financial solutions company, specialising in security vulnerability and risk management.
While it may seem like she has no social life, as a hobby, Amefon likes to dabble in movie production with the hopes to create more technologically correct movies capable of teaching alongside entertainment.