Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology, Volume 19, Issue 1, January 2017

IEEE TCLT Bulletin, Volume 18, Number 1, 2017

ISSN 2306-0212

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Editorial, 1

M. Chang and S. Graf

Special Issue Articles:
Technology Enhanced Language Learning

A Review on Using Internet Discussion Boards to Supplement Collaboration in English Language Composition Writing, 2-5
Pengiran Shaiffadzillah Pengiran Omarali

Using Formative Conversation-based Assessments to Support Students’ English Language Development, 6-9
Alexis A. Lopez, Christine Luce, Diego Zapata-Rivera and Carol Forsyth

Measuring English Pragmatics Skills through Game-Based Performance, 10-13
G. Tanner Jackson, Patricia Inglese, Jennifer Wain, Veronika Timpe-Laughlin, Lindsay Grace

Why Will Technology Enhanced Language Learning be Essential for Pupils?, 14-17
Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner and Konstanze Edtstadler

JSON Based Interactive Online Concept Mapping Tool: CmapEditor, 18-22
R. Kumar

Enriching Learning Process by Gamifying Electronic Exam, 23-25
Ahmad A. Kardan, Ali Kazemi-Arani